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It is a powerful personal event manager with very easy to use interface
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What I found it very astonishing, when I am unable to remember the birth date of my close relatives or even of my family member. I have done much research in cyber market to find a unique solution of my problem, and I have done it. xReminder Pro is a powerful personal event manager with very easy to use interface. Unlike my personal secretary it is very handy in operation and performance. What I like most in this product is totally customizable environment with a lot of colors, sounds, fonts, clocks and images. xReminder Pro serves in a very professional manner for a busy person, and it can contain all meetings information with a priority customization feature.

xReminder Pro is available for Windows® 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003 with a minimum requirement of at least 16 MB RAM. With a minimal memory requirement and easy configuration interface, makes it a perfect choice among the other event managers available in market .xReminder Pro comes with fully customizable Floating Clock with support of different time zones and Atomic Time Server which can synchronize your computer’s clock. Its event reminder comes with many features such as flexible recurrence patterns, stopwatch timers, countdowns, an import-export feature, print with print preview option and other dynamic features.

Manoj Goel
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  • Easy to configure and maintain events.
  • Totally customizable environment with easy to click interface.
  • World Time Server support.
  • Stop watches and counters are bonus points here.


  • It is always running on your memory, slows your memory performance.
  • It starts automatically with Window’s start increasing total startup time of computer.
  • Not a freeware.
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